Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Quiet Sunday Morning

So I'm out on the verandah, hanging out the washing and enjoying the peace and quiet when this car drives down the street, not one I've seen before.

It starts up next door's driveway, which is 1 block over because it's a large double block. It seems to be going up slowly when I hear the tyres start to spin on the wet concrete. It gets worse and I hear the engine start to whine, as we say 'revving the guts out of it', with smoke pouring into the air.

I see the car just make it to the top of the driveway, which is quite steep, but then horribly start to slide sideways. It quickly builds up speed and screeches out of view backwards. I then hear a sort of loud bang and then nothing, as smoke wafts away up into the air.

I see someone with white hair slowly moving at the bottom of the driveway, but it's hard to make out who because of the trees and I can 't see the car anymore... I suddenly realise it's the elderly mother of the lady next door, Elizabeth. I don't know the mother's name but I call out 'hello, hello' to try to get her attention, which isn't working. So I yell out, stupidly 'Elizabeth's mum!' - she looks up and I wave at her and tell her we're coming over.

I yell out to S and tell him what's happened and we all run down the drive and along the road. I realise I have a pair of furry cat ears on my head and am running down the road wearing purple slippers with red, yellow and pink bobbles on the front. These are all quickly removed...

The car has gone down the drive backwards and then swung hard round anti-clockwise and is almost facing the other way, towards the road but jammed backwards into the shrubbery. Elizabeth's mum is shaking and has a bad cut on her hand but she's okay. She said she only bought the car recently, which is why I didn't recognise it, and thought it lost power when going up the drive.

I said I thought it was some crazy hoon causing a nuisance, but it was very creative parking. Said could she do it again 'cos he missed all the action.

MarleyBob came over to see what assistance he could offer, including giving the car a good sniff over and checking the shrubbery for small animals, before rolling around on the drive.

They later got the car out of its predicament fairly easily, with not a scratch on it.

We all went home for a nice cup of tea and a lie down... too much excitement for one day!

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