Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Compleat Doggy Tale

So I'm driving to work, as usual, and stop at the lights of a main intersection.

A slightly ' alternative lifestyle' looking person walks across the crossing, followed closely by a small, perky Jack Russell-type dog, not on a lead.

They both clear the crossing and start off down the path. I glance away.

I glance back and see the man approaching the dog with a large, flowery plastic bag. Hmm, I think, that's being responsible - he's obviously going to pick up something said dog has 'deposited' but what a large bag for such a purpose. I glance away.

But something catches my eye and I flick back - the man does not pick up a deposit, instead he scoops the dog into the plastic bag, holds the bag by the handles and then nimbly hops on to a bus that just pulled up.

The lights turned green but I sat there for a moment doing the classic double take 'what the... did he... was that.. huh?'

A funny tail indeed.

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