Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Imposter

I had a visit on the weekend from a neighbour across the road.

She said 'Do you have a cat?'

Yes - I have two.

'Is one of them a black cat?'

Yes - they both are

'Does one of them have a red collar?'

Well, it's orange really....

At that point I'm thinking there's bad news at the end of the conversation.

'I don't want to complain but I have to let you know he's been waking me up at 3.30am trying to get at the birds in my aviary'

That can't be right - he's inside every night

'Last night I caught him halfway up the cage...'

It must be some other cat...

'Do you know any other black cats in the area?'

Well, no - there's a black and white cat...

'that's mine...'

And a white cat...

'that's mine too..'

I can assure you he's in every night once it gets dark - we have a cat door and lock it once he's in... besides he sleeps in my daughter's room and she always knows he's in'

'I understand they can get out - I just needed to let you know. I get up at 4.30 but 3.30 is just too much... besides him trying to eat my birds!'

All I can say is, we definately keep him in at night and it would be quite rare for him to be out... but be assured we'll be extra careful - but he is always in anyway...

She left fairly happy.

Later on when I told S 'of all the cheek, coming over here and complaining about MarleyBob - he's always in at night, and anyway I don't complain about her stupid white cat coming over here and making MB growl out of the window at him...'

'Actually, one of the cats did get out last night when I got home from the gig...'

Which cat?!

'I'm not sure but I think it was MarleyBob'


'And I think he got out the night before... and the other night after practice... and you know he's so naughty and won't come back...'


So now I have to skulk around the neighbourhood in shame. I have replaced the orange collar with a blue one so MB can be incognito and remain innocent...

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