Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Web Developer Toolbar updated - yay!

1. Chris Pederick does it again by updating the Web Developer Toolbar to version 1.0, and it's available for Firefox, Flock and Mozilla. The list of features shows how useful this little doovey is for us developers!

2. Kathy Sierra writes... Learning Increases Resolution: "Learning adds resolution to what you offer. And the change happens not within the product, but between the user's ears. The more you help your users learn and improve, the greater the chance that they'll become passionate.

So, what can you change for people? Or rather, what can you help others change for themselves? How can you increase the resolution of the products and services you offer--without touching the products? That doesn't mean you can take any old piece of crap and by teaching people to become expert, magically transform it into a work of art. But if there's potential for a richer experience--an experience the non-passionate don't see, taste, hear, feel, smell, touch, or ever recognize...why not see if there's a way to help more people experience that?"

3. Very funny competition to win an iPod: design a movie poster featuring Steve Jobs.

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