Sunday, January 01, 2006

nuvvo is groovo!

A Learning Management System for individual instructors - and it's free!

From the Website:

Now it is easier than ever to create your own online learning portal from which to create multimedia hubs for classrooms, post prep. and follow-up for live sessions, or run stand-alone courses online. With simple yet powerful content-creation, communication, and evaluation tools, Nuvvo is broadening the horizons of online education.

The Savvica Development Team wanted to create a way for instructors and trainers to teach online without the massive institutional support required to deploy and maintain an enterprise LMS. The result was Nuvvo, the first LMS for the individual instructor.

Nuvvo is deployed on-demand, and delivered through your web browser. Sign up in minutes at and gain immediate access to your personal online learning portal. Creating an account, setting up your courses, and building content is all completely free. Students can access your course for free too, or you can choose to charge for access using the simple and completely integrated e-commerce tools.

Don't let Nuvvo's compact design fool you. The Personal LMS features enterprise-grade content creation, course management, and grading tools. Use our powerful, usable UI to build courses block by block with rich text, multimedia, and files all integrated on the same page. Grade and record quizzes automatically, or provide extensive feedback. With Nuvvo's easy-to-use, focused interface, you'll see new possibilities and grasp how to achieve them.

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