Sunday, January 08, 2006

crash course in learning theory - don't miss it!

Kathy Sierra has created a great Crash Course in Learning Theory post in her Passionate Users blog. I think these concepts, while perhaps not new, are laid out here in a comprehensive way that's easy for everyone to grasp and apply in some way.

Obviously you can tweak to suit your own circumstances - a lot of the stuff that I do for instance has to be developed quickly and has to contain important stuff like business rules and pricing information. These kinds of topics often make it hard to be flexible as the legal eagles get very antsy when you mess around with them - they like content to be very black and white and aren't particularly interested in the purty, engaging stuff. That being said, there's plenty in Kathy's article that I'm going to try to incorporate in a more determined way.

Don't miss the second post in her series which includes a PDF summary:

The PDF is actually nine pages, divided into two parts:

1) A seven-page "workbook" with mainly just the pictures, and space for you to make your own notes about what you think each image/concept means or how you'd apply it.

2) The two-page summary (if you're not interested in making notes, just skip to the last two pages).

Great stuff!


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