Thursday, May 20, 2004


I feel rattled this morning.

The boy had another hissyfit and he just wouldn't let go of his anger. When he's like this he is totally incommunicado - you can't reason with him as he will counter everything you say, even though his thoughts are clearly illogical. He hums to himself, puts his hands over his ears, wraps himself in his quilt and faces the wall.

It's distressing to see him so distressed and yet you know you just have to walk away. I try to give him some control by setting out the choices he can make and then making it clear that the decision is his.

It's a matter of taking away until he sees how bleak he's made his lot. Sometimes it works easily, sometimes he's just too far down that black hole and he can't reach up to save himself.

This morning was unsettling because there was no visible reason for his behaviour. He was rude and obnoxious, throwing things around his room and had to be carried to the car to be taken to school.

He completely lacks the skills to cope and is stuck with the social abilities of an unruly 6 year old, instead of being 10 and robust.

And yet yesterday he came home with a 'Student of the Week' Award and I was proud of him.

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