Wednesday, May 19, 2004

about a boy

I'm fostering the boy at the moment. I say 'I' as I feel most of the responsibility for decision making seems to be on my shoulders. It's a heavy load and uphill all the way, with small enlightenments.

How can a ten year old be so emotionally screwed up? How has he had the time to build such walls of defence? This boy has no sense of self-worth and is so insecure:

"I'm stupid"
"I'm an angry person"
"It's the way I am and I can't change"
"You're not my real family"

I could slap his stepdad. It's not all his fault, I know, but he should have known better. I mean, he was brought up in a good, morally sound family and yet he's so different to them - selfish, can't see past his own nose unless you point it out to him.

I can't ever remember him showing real love and affection to the boy.

It's a crime.

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