Wednesday, October 20, 2004

poor bud

After my last post I suddenly realised that this situation is not entirely Bud's fault (a fictitious name by the way to protect Bud's real identity or, more to the point, to avoid me getting myself into trouble).

Being shy, I prefer to stay in the background with projects. Give me all the stuff and I will build it but keep me away from meetings and product managers and all that. 'Tis anathema to me. I don't need help and I don't ask for it.

And so, I can't really complain too loudly if Bud becomes the face of my work to the customer.

On the otherhand, if Bud was doing the right thing he would clearly explain what he actually did or did not do in the project lifecycle.

As long as someone, somewhere knows the painstaking detail I go to, then it's okay. So, I told my boss how I feel. I told him I don't need him to do anything about the situation, just to 'know' about it. I told him I was using him to get rid of my 'bad' feelings. I don't think he minds being used.

I can only conclude that Bud needs to take the credit to make himself feel better. Bud must be lacking in self-confidence or need to cling to what others do to feel justified. Or something like that.

In a way, I feel sorry for Bud even though he makes me mad. I wouldn't want to go through life feeling like that. Bud is poor indeed.

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