Sunday, October 17, 2004

Kicking Bud

I know I'm meant to be grown up but I'm a shy kinda grrl and sometimes it's hard to stand up for myself. In particular with a certain person at work.

I work hard (don't play hard) and treat each project I'm given like a special child; I plan it, design it, develop it and release it to the wild with hands clasped in anticipation of its success.

So when someone else continually takes the credit after minimum input, it's hard to take. This person says 'Don't we make a great team?' and I feel like saying 'Team? Waddya mean team, I do all the work around here Bud!'

Bud gives me some starter content.
I restructure it and rewrite it
I research and add to it
I check each detail for accuracy
I design the interface
I set up the structure
I write the CSS and XHTML and validate it
I add all the accessibility stuff
I do the graphics
I do the Flash animations and interactions
I do the testing and testing and testing
I set it up in the LMS

Bud greets the clients and says 'Yes, thank you, it is wonderful isn't it - oh and don't forget to thank my associate - she did help you know...'

I could kick Bud.

But I know I won't.

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