Tuesday, December 27, 2005

unnecessary project managers

I'm on a stinker of a project at the moment so am quite enjoying the christmas break, if just to be away from it for a few days. It's not the actual work involved so much, although it's not an easy task. It's the project manager.

See, he's come up with this thing he calls a methodology framework. However there is not much in the way of actual 'methodology'. It's just a very barebones structural document with no detail whatsoever. Apparently the detail is up to us.

When we tell him that there is no method, that it's just a broad outline, he can't seem to see it. Very trying...

Then we have to deal with the 'customer' for whom this framework has been developed. They can see straight away that there is nothing behind it and that it's not what they want. Again, very trying...

Now, if we could get rid of the project manager and deal with the client directly, there would be no problems. We would simply design something to fit in with their requirements. Dealing through the PM, however, is like dragging a ball and chain around.

Anyhoo - tomorrow I will start some reading that I need to catch up on while I have the time off work. I need to finish The Zen of CSS Design, Web Design Workflow that Works, More Eric Meyer on CSS, DHTML Utopia and a few others. I'm a bit of a book junkie I'm afraid and then I see another one I want... I'm waiting for 2 more I just bought of Ebay - Actionscript 2.0 and Javascript Unleashed... so little time!

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