Friday, September 23, 2005

life online

Today was a very technology-based day and strangely enough quite satisfying.

I sent an SMS via to my other half for whom I had risen at the unearthly hour of 4am in order to take him to the bus which would then take him to the airport.

I spent about ten minutes fiddling with my PC speakers and headset which were crackling - fixed that.

I then later his mobile phone and spoke to him for a few minutes - having used to get some SkypeOut credit.

Then I left feedback for some items I purchased on the weekend that had arrived yesterday. Those I had paid for via Netbanking. Noticed I now have over 300 feedback ratings. That means I have bought 300 things on eBay - that's absurd. Can't be true, can it? At least it's all 100%

Next, I Skyped my daughter who is camping with friends on Phillip Island. She's coming home tomorrow. Goodie.

Let's see... oh yes after that I listened to a 30 minute - while I did the dishes and tidied up around the place - just pumped up my PC speakers.

A short time later I received an email from a friend who has just gone to Canada for a year. She was letting me know her Canadian mobile phone number so I Skyped her too and we chatted for about 6 minutes for the grand total of 20c!

Then I viewed her photos - I had told her to set up an account before she left to make it easy for her to share photos rather than emailing them to everyone and she did. Left some funny comments to cheer her up.

Fixed some things on my Dad's blog and it.

Checked all my feeds.

And here I am... it's teatime and I'm still in front of this thing. I need to get out more...

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